पंचायती राज के अतिमहत्वपूर्ण प्रशन // panchayati raj system question 2021

पंचायती राज के अतिमहत्वपूर्ण प्रशन // panchayati raj system question 2021 Indian Polity ll Panchayati raj system पंचायती राज व्यवस्था 73rd constitutional amendment ssc vyapam
1. How the election was provisioned for Pachayati Raj institutions in the 73rd Constitution amendment
North. Direct & Secret Polling
2. Who takes decision to choose Panchayat
North. State Government
3. What level of Panchayat Committee constitutes
North. At Bloack level
4. If the panchayat is broken, re-election is required within how long
North. 6 months
5. Who is responsible for the election of Panchayati Raj institutions
North. State Electoral Commission
6. When the PRI act was implemented in India
North. April 25, 1993
7. Where the first PRI arrangement was applied
North. In Nagore, Rajasthan
8. Where the PRI system was implemented in Rajasthan
North. To 1959
9. What programme was run for the social and cultural utsthan of the country
North. Community development programmes
10. In which part of the Constitution is a description of the PRI system
North. Part-9
11. What is based on PRI systems
North. On the discenter of power
12. What is the main purpose of PRI
North. Make the public eligible to be participatory in administration
13. Under whom is the description of the PRI arrangement
North. Policy-Directorial principles
14. What amendment of the Constitution has been given to the PRI institutions by constitutional status
North. 73 TH Amendment
15. What schedule has been added in the 75th amendment
North. 11th
16. When the Community development programme began in India
North. October 2, 1952
17. Establishment of PRI system in India on whose recommendation
North. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
18. What is the smallest unit of Panchayati Raj
North. Gram Panchayat
19. What is the important institution as per the report of the Balwant Rai Committee
North. Panchayat Societies
20. What the PRI institutions depend on for their fund
North. On government Grants
21. How panchayat Samatis on a developmental block
North. An administrative agency
22. Where the first municipal corporation was established in India
North. Chennai
23. What is the source of income of gram panchayats
North. Fair & Market Tax
24. In which state the PRI system is not
North. In Arunachal Pradesh
25. What level of Gram Panchayat constitutes in the PRI system
North. At the village level

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