Haryana General Knowledge – 01 Haryana GK English and Hindi pdf 2023

Haryana General Knowledge – 01 Haryana GK English and Hindi pdf 2023 Haryana GK & Current 2023 Question Answers PDF Question Answers PDF Download

Harayana GK contains all the information about Harayana History Harayana Geography Information

01. According to 2001 census what is the percentage of Literacy in Haryana ?
(A) 62.40% (B) 55.85% (C) 65.72% (D) 67.9% (Ans : D)02. Where has the National Research Institute in Haryana been established?
(A) At Sirsa (B) At Kurushetra (C) At Karnal (D) At Jind (Ans : C)3. Which of the following Central Territory is the capital of Haryana ?
(A) Chandigarh (B) Pondicherry (C) New Delhi (D) Lakshadweep (Ans : A)

4. Which one of the following folk dances belongs to Haryana ?
(A) Baoul (B) Yaksha-Gaan (C) Gidda (D) Biehu (Ans : C)

5. Which of the following Indian players belongs to Haryana ?
(A) Sunil Gavaskar (B) Kapil Dev (C) Sachin Tandulkar (D) Azharudeen (Ans : B)

6. The turban, worn by males in Haryana is known as—
(A) Toda (B) Muretha (C) Paggar (D) Khandwa (Ans : D)

7. Where is Chaudhary Charan Singh University located at Haryana ?
(A) Hisar (B) Kaithal (C) Jhajjar (D) Gurgaon (Ans : A)

8. Which city of Haryana is known as ‘City of Weavers’ ?
(A) Mahendragarh (B) Fatehabad (C) Karnal (D) Panipat (Ans : D)

9. Of which of the following kings’ was Thaneshwar city of Haryana the capital?
(A) Kanishka (B) Harshwardhan (C) Chandra Gupta Maurya (D) Samrat Ashok (Ans : B)

10. The glory and strength of which of the cities of Haryana was discussed in the book written by Chinese traveller Huen-Tsang?
(A) Thaneshwar (B) Patiala (C) Mahendragarh (D) Kurukshetra (Ans : A)

11. In which district of Haryana is the ‘Badkhal Lake’ situated?
(A) Hisar (B) Jind (C) Sirsa (D) Faridabad (Ans : D)

12. Where is the biggest animal husbandry farm of Asia situated at Haryana ?
(A) Ambala (B) Bhiwani (C) Hisar (D) Rohtak (Ans : C)

13. Not only to check the growth of population, but also to improve the
male female ratio, which of the following projects is being launched by
the state government?
(A) Devi-Rupak-Project (B) Indra-Hareli-Saheli-Project
(C) Farlo project             (D) Bhagyodaya (Ans : A)

14. Which project is being launched in Haryana for the welfare of poor girls?
(A) Apni-Beti-Apna-Dhan     (B) Apni-Beti-Paraya Dhan
(C) Paraya Dhan-Paraie Beti (D) Indra-Saheli-Project (Ans : A)

15. At which of the pilgrimage centres was the message of Geeta preached by Krishna to Arjun ?
(A) At Markandey Tirth (B) Jyotisar Sarover (C) Brahm Sarovar (D) Kaleshwar Tirth (Ans : B)

16. Mithathal famous for the remains of Indus civilization is situated in —
(A) Jind district (B) Hisar district (C) Bhiwani district (D) All these (Ans : C)17. Where is the Manzi Shaib Gurudwara situated ?
(A) Kaithal (B) Jhajjar (C) Fatehabad (D) Rewari (Ans : A)
18. The maximum area in the district of Haryana is —
(A) Ambala (B) Gurgaon (C) Bhiwani (D) Sonipat (Ans : C)19. According to population of 2011, Faridabad district ranks first in the state, its population is —
(A) 17,98,954 (B) 24,40,396 (C) 32,80,160 (D) 34,30,264 (Ans : A)20. Geeta Jutsi the famous player of Haryana is associated with —
(A) Chess (B) Weight Lifting (C) Lawn Tennis (D) Atheletics (Ans : D)

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